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“Cycleit” is what we say to all the cycling and travelling enthusiasts. We specialize in a wide range of unique Cycling tours in India and abroad and also conduct some very high quality and challenging cycling expeditions through some of the toughest terrains. Our cycling tours in India & abroad include Cycling on the tarmac through the pine forests in Uttarakhand & Himachal Pradesh in India; adventurous trails for Mountain biking enthusiasts and High altitude cycling expeditions (Manali, Leh , Spiti, Tibet), long duration cycling expeditions (from the desserts of Rajasthan to the Indian coastline. From the Pristine Srilankan beaches to the beautiful valleys of Bhutan); Bike and Hike family getaways and specially designed Cultural & Heritage rides through rural India.


If you are seeking to explore-discover-live the thrill & excitement of discovering India on two wheels or looking for an ultimate adrenaline rush through the high-altitude Himalayan Passes or just a weekend getaway with your bicycle into the pristine and cozy lower Himalayan ranges, we are your best companion. Travel is not our business but rather our enthusiasm. We have it all sorted out for you, the destinations, routes, nutrition & hydration needs, stay & support.Our group of experienced & trained travel specialists Plan & execute the itineraries meticulously with special focus on safety and security, so sit back on your saddle, relax and ride on!


We also have Holiday Experience Manager who goes hand in hand with you to deal with all the logistics for your comfort alongside our Lead rider (for large groups); They help prepare you on the go as you bicycle and hit new trails.


A photo shoot on the journey from a professional camera with a specialized edited and high definition video will be part of the package. We will be sending you the pictures and HD video(s) after editing in a week’s time.

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