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7 Reasons Why a Outdoor Adventure Holiday is a Must Try This Season

You work hard through the year for your dream vacations and therefore it has to be special . A holiday that will help you unwind and enjoy the simple pleasures of life like not having to answer calls from work, eating to your hearts content or sleep late and wake up later than mid day. Unfortunately most of the holidays may or may not turn out to be so. Then there is the post vacation fatigue and all the extra calories you put on, not to mention that sometimes you are so busy touring the crowded tourist destinations, marking off all the to-do and must-do list from Lonely Planet, that you come back more tired than relaxed.

Lets face it, when you put in your hard earned money and time into a vacation, you want to get the best, but most of the time the ‘best is lost in doing marquee stuff and what the world seems to have done if they were here vacationing. If your vacation looks like this and you want to get some real bang for the buck, try outdoors. We are giving you Seven good and thought worthy reasons why you should try a Outdoor Adventure holiday in favor of a run-of-the-mill holiday everyone is having.

cycling tours

1. Connect with Nature – There isn’t any therapy that is more effective than nature. A simple cycle ride through the forests or hike on the trails is 1000times more effective in making your body feel relaxed than any spa in the world. Vitality & beauty are nature’s gift and its free and there is no manmade beauty that can beat compete with nature!

2. Connect with your body & mind- When you are doing any adventure activity, like cycling , hiking or camping your mind is more alert and you are more aware of yourself. your mind and body are in perfect harmony; This balance is the key to happiness when your mind-body-nature are in perfect harmony. No words, can tell you how magnificent it feels, you have to experience it to know it.

3. Disconnect from the world – This is the toughest thing, we are so addicted to our gadgets its impossible to disconnect from the virtual world; Either we are updating our Facebook or sending out selfies on the multitude of Whattsapp groups, and essentially are stuck in the same place; When you sign up for an adventure sport holiday like cycling or trekking you will discover that these places are remote and hence your connectivity is limited; initially you may feel some withdrawal symptoms but eventually you will cherish every extra second that you spend with yourself.

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4. Discover real culture heritage – Most popular way, for an average tourist , to discover culture and heritage is about going to a cultural show or shopping in old part of the city or eat in restaurants claiming to serve authentic food; Unfortunately all these places have tuned their offerings to suit the pallet of the tourists and can hardly be said ‘authentic’.. When you sign up for a specialized holiday like for example cycling throught he back roads of Rajasthan or Kumaon, you actually get an opportunity to see the countryside, stay in a cozy local homestay and eat the real cuisine cooked in the local way-prepared with fresh local produce ;how is that for discovering the culture & heritage of a place!!!

5.Bonding with your dear ones – On a regular holiday, spending time with some one would mean either visiting the tourists spots or eating in good places or shopping; in all these you not only gain calories, you also spend most of the time in getting to places and the actual motive of spending quality time is totally defeated. Instead try something that’s outdoors, like a bike & hike tour. Some of these physical activities are a great way to connect with your family or friends, whoever you are travelling with; For example wouldn’t it be a fantastic idea to just cycle down some beautiful meadows with your partner, stop wherever you want and spend some time with nature and each other, than rushing through the crowded places or restaurants!

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6. You can eat & indulge – guilt free – most of the adventure activities need you to physically exert in a positive way; Its not like pushing yourself to the boring gym sessions, its more like taking out time and enjoying the physical activity and therefore burning some serious calories with out even having to count it or fret about it! as you are in remote locations, you are spared the temptation of junk food, but you get to eat some yummy-fresh food absolutely guilt free!!!

7. Last but not the least – you come back with a sense of achievement and stories to share and not just selfies and pictures. For example a Manali to Leh cycling tour will win you many admirers than just a fly-in-and-see-the-tourist-spots type of a trip.

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There are many reasons to try an Outdoor adventure holiday and many reasons that may hold you back from actually trying it, but there is not a single reason why you shouldn’t give it a try, because till you try you will never know the thrill and addiction of a pure adrenaline rush!!!!


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