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Cherry Blossoms in Kumaon – Perfect season for a cycling holiday

Here is an excerpt from our Adventure Orchestrator, Nitin Yadav’s travel log; He has traveled extensively through the region, researching & designing itineraries for the cycling enthusiast;

I have always believed that only when you seek is when you get, but the biggest dilemma for me has been my inability to really decide what to seek in a perfectly organized space and therefore I let the judgement of the universe take over at the tipping point. I am a great believer in planning, and even my recce trips, are planned in advance and there is very little I like to leave it to chance; However ,inevitably life throws up unseen things that makes my journey so very special and blessed.
On my recent recce trip, we had wandered a little off route to find a “camping spot” for our riders and came across this beautifully overladen tree, laden with small pink flowers with little ambers in the middle; It was a fascinating view as I had never seen anything like that before here and they reminded me of my time in Japan during the Cherry blossom season; and if you know anything about the Japanese culture, you would know the fervor and enthusiasm Japanese have for the cherry blossom; the entire towns, counties and cities come together in parks that are specially cultivated and maintained and they just spend the day with friends and family soaking up the sun and sipping sake.
After my curiosity and nostalgia was suitably piqued, and to my great surprise, these were the cherry blossoms!! Except that no one was picnic-ing beneath them like the way Japanese do! But hey! Why not….will it not be wonderful to just come here, spread a mat beneath these overladen trees after a heavy duty climb, savor some nutritious local delicacies & just soak up the sun!!


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