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Quick & easy steps to avoid accumulating extra calories this festive season

The Holiday season and festivities are just kicking in combined with the approaching winters, one of the best seasons in India. Holidays-festivities & winters also mean a lot of calorific indulgence and after the taste wades off, one is left with only guilt and some extra pounds. Cycling is a great way to fight off those extra kilos and also enjoy the weather. The long holiday weekends means you also get ample time to head out and enjoy longer rides;

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While you enjoy your sweets and savories with friends & relatives this festive season, we list down some of the things you can take care to make sure the extra calories don’t convert into extra pounds;

Prevention is better than cure, so the best way to deal with the onslaught of rich & calorific food is to cut down on the portions when you cannot cut down on them completely; YOu can also try and finish your meal before you head out to the party, that way you will eat healthy and will not splurge on a full stomach. Another good idea is to split the calories around and eat just as much to satiate the taste buds.

Measure your calories and keep a log; that way when hunger or gluttony takes over you have an alarm in the mind ringing loudly enough. Always remember the feeling of fulfillment lingers only as long as it takes to pass from the tongue to the food pipe, but the extra calories lasts much longer.

Apart from controlling and reducing the portions you can do some small but effective adventure tourworkouts when you are short on time or come back late and cannot wake up early for a ride or head to the gym due to lack of time;

One can do quick walk/ runs about 3 times a week or do a 20-30 min work out at home. This work out can be of high intensity and can include a combination of Spot running -Jumping jacks,-side to side skipping- lunges – push-ups- squats & planks; You can make sets and combinations; You can also google for home exercise videos and choose one that best fits you.

You can also try doing yoga or just multiple repetitions of Surya namaskars and breathing exercises for 30-40 mins a day
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Last but not the least, you can also head out for a activity based holiday with friends and family; Cycling in the hills is a great way to enjoy your time out and it also helps you shave off those extra pounds that you accumulate during the festivals; and connecting with nature any day is a great detox for anyone!!!

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