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December 26 – 27 Weekend Getaway Adventure

Who can sign up for the expedition?

The expedition is open to all amateur and seasoned cycling enthusiasts who are physically fit to endure the challenges of riding on the hills with an approx of 50 to 60 kms per day over 3 days of riding. This is not a very demanding ride but we expect the participants to have suitable amount of long distance riding & climbing experience. The combination of climb-weather-altitude makes this a unique and a fun challenge.
Once you sign-up, we can help you design a training plan to so that you can enjoy the expedition fully!

Why choose us as your adventure partner?

We want to make every day a personalized and unique experience…after all its your time out from the mundane and we ensure its extraordinary!
Your safety is our priority. We go an extra mile to ensure that all our guests are not only comfortable but safe & secure. All our planning, recces and arrangements start
with safety evaluations as the key parameter.
We want to offer the maximum in every day that our guests spend with us; We have designed each day in such a way that riders get the best quality ride and an
exceptional experience of the culture & heritage of the region and a firsthand experience of the life in a countryside.
Cleanliness, hygiene and comfort are an imperative on our list, we try and choose the accommodations to ensure they are also reflective of the region and culture; so is
our food, not just delicious, but local and unique.
If you are renting the bikes from us, be assured of the best quality and condition.
We believe in customizing to the smallest possible degree and having small groups helps our case immensely as the holiday experience manager is able to interact with
the guests at more intimate level with higher spans of attention.

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